If you haven't created a card yet, you can do so using the steps found here.

When you create each card the app produces a URL for that card, such as this one: https://clickmy.info/u/7LXI/uplinecard . To get a copy of your card's link, send yourself the card by going through Sending to a Person through the steps below. The app allows you to share your card through many ways as shown below, but you can share your card on your own by sharing the URL.

During the following steps you will be given a chance to edit your message before sending it out. If you would like to change the default message for a particular card you can do it using the guide found here.

Single Contact

Your card is ready to be sent out to potential customers, so we will start off sending it to one person. Make sure you have selected the center icon to choose the card you would like to send then click on Send to a Person.

Here you can send to a new contact by filling in their information.

If you already have that contact's information saved on your device you can search them using the Existing Contact tab. Make sure to allow the app permission to access your contacts.

You can also add a location tag when sending to a new contact by clicking the icon shown below. Make sure to allow the app permission to access your location.

If you haven't changed the default message for your card using the steps found here, you can click the icon shown below to edit your message before sending your card.

You can also choose to track views and clicks by checkmarking the box shown below. More information on tracking can be found here.

Once you have put in all the necessary information you can send your card by clicking Send.

Multiple Contacts

To broadcast your card to multiple contacts, select the center icon to choose the card you would like to send then hit Broadcast to Many.

Step 1: Create a name for your broadcast. This will appear in your history to help you track your campaigns.

Step 2: Then you can choose to broadcast your card through your gems, an app installed on your device, twitter, or by QR code.


To broadcast your card through twitter you can provide your twitter handle in the space shown below. Then you will be forwarded to the next screen to edit your message. Once your message is ready you can hit Tweet.

You will be shown a confirmation that your tweet has been sent. The second screen on the right shows how the tweet appears.

Gem Broadcast

To apply your card link to your gem(s) click on Gems.

Step 3: Create a message to apply to your gem(s).

Step 4: Checkmark the boxes of the gem(s) you want to apply your message and card link to.

Then hit Save in the top right corner to apply your message and card link to the gem(s) selected. Make sure you see the confirmation prompt shown below. If you do not see the confirmation prompt then try saving again.

You can check your gems by selecting the icon shown below. If you check your gems on this page try refreshing the page by swiping down to show the new broadcast you have made.

To modify your gems settings further, jump to the gem section found here.

To track the performance of your card shares with your customers, you can jump to the guide found here.

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