From the main menu you can click on the icon shown below, My Gems, to access your gems. In here you will see a list of your gems and the current message on the gem.

Message and Website URL

To change the message and website URL click on the gem ID. You can fill in the two spaces with your message and website URL respectively. The message can be a maximum of 40 characters, including spaces. The website URL must be a secure https link to be broadcast by the gems.

Multiple Messages

You can create multiple messages to be applied to one gem. The restrictions for creating multiple messages will be explained below.

When creating or editing multiple messages make sure to save or create one at a time. If you are editing message 2, save(create) that message before editing message 1. In between each save, delete, or create synchronize your gems by swiping downwards on the screen.


You can also set a language for your notification. To send the notification to multiple phones with other language settings you can Add new message and set a different language.

Please note that if you set multiple messages with the same language setting, only one of the messages will broadcast.

This setting will send the notification to phones that have the same language setting. This has no affect on the message and link. 

Time and Date

You can set your gem to broadcast a different message by date and time automatically.

To broadcast a different message or link start by adding a new message by clicking Add new message found at the bottom of the screen below.

Then you can select a time using the clock in the screen below. Please note this clock uses a 24 hour time format.

After that you can select which day of the week you want your message to  broadcast on.

The first time box on the left is for when you want your message to start broadcasting, the box on the right is when you want the message to stop broadcasting.

Once your message and link are ready to be applied to the gem you can hit Save in the bottom right corner to apply it to your gem immediately. From the gem menu you will see your updated message.

Upline Card

If you have created a card using the Upline app, and you want to put it on your gem you can visit the following guide found here.

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