The gems will only broadcast secure https links with a valid SSL certificate. When entering your site into any browser address bar it shows as the following:

If your site does not have a valid SSL certificate, then you can read about SSL certificates in more detail here*** or try using Shortly works by taking your http link and produces a secure landing page which then redirects to your site.

Start by going to and pasting your link into the following box. Even if your site does start with https you can only use http links with shortly.

After clicking Shorten you will be provided with a shortly version of your link.

If your approved link is not showing in Nearby or in Notifications try changing your site from the desktop version to the mobile version. You can do this by changing www to m as follows: ->

Some sites will use other formats for their mobile version.

Upline App

If you have the Upline app on your Android phone you can create a card using the steps here.

You can share one or multiple website URL's using your Upline card. To do so follow the steps found here.

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