You've found this guide because your gem is not sending a notification to your phone or any phones around you, so we'll go through the following steps to resolve the issue.

Phone Model

To see the gem's notifications you must have an Android phone with the OS version being 4.4 and up. If your phone does not meet these specifications then your phone will not be able to see the gem in any of the following steps.

To help our Support Team please let them know the phone(s) manufacturer and model you are using

Radius or Kontakt

Depending on which beacon you have you can check out these guides.




First, we'll check in bluetooth to see if the gem is sending a signal before we check if a notification is showing. Follow the steps to find your gem in bluetooth with the guide found here***.

There are some phones that will not be able to show the bluetooth signal on your phone, so you can jump ahead to Nearby.


You can check out the guide here*** to make your way to the Nearby screen. The Nearby screen is important because it will allow us to test the gem's notification in an easier way than checking our notifications.

The Support Team will regularly ask for a screenshot of Nearby so we can serve you better.

When troubleshooting, the Support Team will use test sites such as and to see if your gem is sending a notification. If your gem shows up in Nearby with a test site and not with the site you provided try checking out our Website URL*** guide to ensure your site is ready to be broadcast.


You'll want to see the gem's message and link show up in the Notifications so that your customer will be able to see if without any interaction.

Follow the guide found here*** to learn more about notifications.

If you are still unable to get your gem's notification to show on your phone please contact the Support Team at support@***.

If this article did not answer any questions you had related to the content provided, please email us at support@*** to provide us with any feedback you might have.

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