Unfortunately our technical support team are not equipped to support SSL certificate related issues, we hope that this document provides you with a starting point for sourcing an SSL certificate.

The back office, for security reasons, requires that your website has an SSL Certificate. This will make your website secure and give you the green padlock in the address bar.

Some of the added benefits of having an SSL certificate include:

  1. Encryption of sensitive data (login information and credit card details).
  2. You get the green padlock and secure site status which builds trust.
  3. It can increase your standing in Google search results.

How to get your SSL Certificate

Domain name providers will often offer SSL certificates, this has the added advantage that they can automatically attach it to your domain without too much work.

There are other providers available which specialize in providing SSL certificates only, you can find these by searching google for "SSL Certificate providers", the cheapest option will often cover all needs.

Please keep in mind what your needs are when purchasing an SSL certificate, for example you will need to work out what you want covered, one domain or multiple domains, both the "www." and non "www." versions of your site and whether you want the entire address bar to be green or just have the green padlock icon. Some of these features will increase the price.

Using a secure shortener link does not mean your link is secure.

This is a common issue our technical support team faces. Although your link starts with https:// and looks to be secure its redirecting to a non secure site and fails to be broadcast from the Gems. Following the Guide above will get you started on securing your site.

Using the Upline App to broadcast your website

We have some great articles to get you started with the Upline App, creating a virtual business card and attaching your non secure website is an alternative to purchasing an SSL certificate.

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